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New Video: 2020 Life Film Private Screening

The official release of the 2020 Life Film immersive Journaling Series Book, Vol. 1 is set for this month (January 2021). Check out the behind the scenes from our first public screening for the series conducted on Zoom. Filmed: October 16, 2020 Video|Story Editor: Nico Brioche Copyright: LMichelleMedia-BeyondMe Productions Order The Journal: www.2020lifefilm.com

This Is Not Your Ordinary Journal

L.Michelle has been journaling her Life by hand for as long as she can remember. That was until she got an idea to journal her Life in a new way using Smartglasses (SnapChat Spectacles). The end result is the 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling book which includes (5) Film Entries, Articles, Artwork, Music and more. The book is the first in a 10-part series, set to release every year until 2030. Order your book and watch it all come to Life in an even more special way when you scan it using Augmented Reality technology. Order The Journal here: https://www.lmichellemedia.co/2020-li... Follow the 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling Series: www.2020lifefilm.com Make Your Life Film www.thelifefilm.com Edits: Adlernica Brioche Concept/Copyright: LMichelleMedia-BeyondMe Productions

40 Year Old Black Woman

At the time of its conception(2019), The 2020 Life Film series was based on the journey of becoming a 40-year old Black Woman. This artwork depicts all of the storylines that came out of that journey.


Family At The Preview Screening

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